HBN LAW SUP crossing for Charity

Breakfast, something we all take for granted!

A study in the primary schools on Bonaire resulted in the alarming discovery that due to the poverty or neglect some children come to school without having breakfast which leads to lack of concentration, lack of energy, violence …

Thanks to the “Breakfast in School” (BIS) program (which started in 2004), 350 children receive each school day a healthy breakfast. This successful program is possible thanks to the support from individuals and businesses.

For this project we, Roan Jaspars and Frederick Vloeberghs, will make an attempt to paddle from Bonaire to Klein Curacao.

The distance to be covered is around 42km. (26 miles). The crossing will be done on stand up paddle boards.(SUP)

The challenge lies mainly in the duration of the crossing (approx. 8-10 hours) and the rough sea.

This has never been done before!

How can you help/sponsor us?

Individuals can sponsor by entering a contest.

There are 3 fantastic prizes to win offered by our sponsors.

1st price: 3X3h kite boarding lessons with Kite Boarding Bonaire (value $610)
2nd price: half day motor boat rental with BlueBay Rentals
3rd price: dinner for two at “At Sea” restaurant

How can you win these prices?

By Guessing how long it will take us to reach klein curacao or how long it will take us before we give up.

He or she that is closest to the actual duration wins the first prize, etc.

You can enter the contest as many times as you want. Each time you enter cost $20.

If you pay $20 you can guess once, if you pay $40 you can guess twice etc..

How to enter the contest:

Send an email to info@supbonaire.com with the following info:


The amount you want to sponsor ($20, $40, $60 etc.)

The time it will take us to reach Klein Curacao or give up.

For example: You sponsor $60. You can guess 3 times

1. 8hours 10min and 4sec
2. 9hours 25min and 10sec
3. 10 hours 50min and 3sec

To support the “breakfast in school” project, Donations can be made to the following accounts:

GiroBank Bonaire
Account number:21101581
Roan Jaspars or Frederick Vloeberghs

ABN Nederland
tnv Roan Jaspars

For businesses:

We have different sponsor packages available. Please contact us so we can inform you with different possibilities of sponsoring.

e-mail: info@supbonaire.com

Tel Roan: +599 707 54 82 or Tel Frederick: +599 787 23 20

click the Donate button:

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